Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's not easy being extinct...

but it was easy to make these adorable trilobite replicas!

Knitted version took a wee bit longer, but it's much bigger. Crochet version was easy and quick (we like that). Since my knit version was blind and tail-less, I figured it was unfair to give the smaller one any advantage by allowing him either of those, though I do think he'd be pretty cute with a chained tail or two.
Pattern notes: I chose to make my antennae on the knitted fella after I'd grafted him shut, by pulling a loop through at the corners and chaining from there, instead of having a separate chain to sew on. Be sure to use the nice finish on the crocheted fella, like I did (not that you can see it here).

Yarn used for both: Vanna's Choice in Linen

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