Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet Stumpy

I know I've got other projects that should have taken precedence, but I guess I just really liked this one, so I was eager to hold the finished project in my hands. Plus, it's not made with crochet thread, so it's easier to see what I'm doing while watching a movie.

I used my "E" hook on the whole thing. Because I didn't have the "F" with me when I started, and because I wasn't paying attention at first. I don't think it hurt the design.

I love the little "moss" frill.

One correction to the pattern: R13-14 on the stump should read "sc 48", since that's how many were in the previous round. But that's sort of a no-brainer.

I felt the need to sew the center bottom to the center top to dimple it a bit, as it seemed to round a bit much to sit flat. Maybe if I'd used the right size hook? Don't know.

I chose to crochet the spots for the mushroom instead of using felt. I made 3 small, and 2 large. For the small, 6sc in magic ring, sl st, finish. For the large, 6sc in magic ring, inc around for 12sc, sl st, finish.

I meant to flare out the base of the mushroom as I sewed it on, but somehow didn't manage to do that. It looks fine, though, so I'm leaving it.

I think it would be cute to accent this with light brown "rings" or wood grain, or green trailing vines/leaves.

*Yarns used: Alpaca Love in Espresso Bean & Fern, Full 'O Sheep in Lipstick, Patons Classic Wool in Winter White.

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