Thursday, June 3, 2010


See? I told you I'd have something to show you.

Small clarification on the knit radish pattern. Where it says "repeat rounds 3 and 4 until you have 7 stitches..." I was confused, because I could see from her pictures that the radish is mainly smooth, with increases and decreases in line. Plus, the math didn't work out. You can't keep doing K1fb, K1, (round 3 as written) because you are short a stitch the very next round. What round 3 should have said is something more along the lines of "K1fb, K to end of needle", which only works if you evenly distribute the stitches, and your work is on 3 needles, with 1 working needle. Which is how it should be, but this is one of those things I'd be at a loss to write up, because even the way I put it could be confusing. Anyway, the designer says that is what she meant, and will correct the pattern ASAP.

A little clarification needed on the crochet radish as well. When working the leaf, the leafy part isn't clear. What I finally settled on was working the hdc in one stitch, then grouping the (dc,tc,dc) in the next stitch, which makes the return around the other end basically symmetrical. Also, if you don't split that up, you don't end up in the last chain when it's time to turn. Others have left comments along that vein, but it's not been corrected yet. Again, I'm not sure of the proper way to write it up, so I can't blame the designer if she hasn't figured out how to correct it yet, either. Though I suspect there must be some rules about writing patterns that would clear it up.

No surprise, I like the crochet leaf much better than the knit leaf. Sorry it's too dark to see the detail. It's a dark yarn, and my flash doesn't work. I'll try to get a better picture later, if I can find a bright light to shine on it.

Speaking of leaves, that's what held this up, once I'd gotten the patterns straight in my head. I wanted to use the same yarn, because, as you may know, worsted is not all the same. Sadly, the yarn I used for the radish only came in one color green, which I felt was too pale for a radish leaf. The yarn I ended up using here is still a tad fluffier than the radish yarn. And is, maybe, a little too dark, as well.

Yarns for both: Sensations Kashmira in Red & Cream, LB Wool-Ease in Pines.

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Marcy said...

You're amazing. You're speaking a foreign language to me, but the pictures are stunning!