Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Quart of Milk

If you happen to be knitting this in the round, like me, then know that you will need to let go of your aversion to seams, and knit back and forth when you get to the top part. Partly because of the color changes, and partly because otherwise you may not be able to follow what she's doing for the shaping.
Also, if you adjusted the location of your purls, like I did, don't try to keep the same line when you get to the top. It won't matter, anyway, because you just did a round of purls before starting the top section. Nobody will know if the next bit is in line with the sides, and you need to do the stitches as written, or you could get lost.
For the record, a quart is roughly 7" tall before the folded-in parts.
Very nearly done with this.

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