Monday, June 7, 2010

sort of like gardening...but not really

Here is my little seedling:
I think he turned out pretty cute.

I had to start him over when I was nearly done with the seed portion, because I wasn't paying attention to the pattern, and hadn't done the plain rounds in between the increase rounds.


So, I know his eyes are crooked. But I think he's pretty cute anyway. I embroidered the eyes, figuring that would join the layers together, and I'd have both sets done at once. Not so much. It's not easy to get your fingers in there, so I was working blind as far as the inside goes. As it turns out, due to the angle of stitching and such, the inside didn't much look like the outside. I flipped it to the "seed" side, and stitched the eyes again, over the few stitches and partial stitches that showed up.
Speaking of joining layers, I stitched him together along the inc/dec portions, using regular sewing thread. It's fairly invisible from both sides. Instead of working across him in a direct line, I stitched across in thirds, following the inc/dec sections, to be sure my stitches were well-disguised.

No problems with pattern. I chose to interpret the last bit there, "work from 8 on other 2 needles" as "work 4 stitches from each remaining needle as for first needle", or something to that effect. I gathered from reading her other entries that she was only a pre-teen when she designed this. Pretty impressive.

Yarns used: Sugar N Cream in Jute, Caron Simply Soft Brites in Limelight, with black DMC floss, 6 strands, for embroidering eyes.

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