Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In which we discuss "Prom Night" (part 1)

That day was supposed to be an all-day rehearsal. Until the Prom was scheduled. At which point, to allow the kids to have their "day dates" (when did this become the fashion? the all-day Prom date?), Cam changed it to Early Morning Rehearsal. Even with that, we were missing some key people.
After rehearsal, I took the Twins home so they could shower and get ready for their dates, and I set out on some errands for the play.

Part-way through my errands, Twin1 calls to say he needs a ride out to PG right away. I detour to do that, including a stop at Planted Earth to get a last-minute corsage for his date ("prepared" is not exactly "him"). Twin2 has his ride arranged, so he's taken care of, except he won't tell me who his date is. Whatever. He did say who was driving, so I knew he was with good people. (Are you wondering why I wasn't trying to be home to see all this going on? Or if I took pictures of my fine boys with their beautiful dates? Turns out, I'm just not that kind of mom.)

Eventually, I arrive back at the school, ready to work on the set, or do whatever Cam needs me to do.
(It's now been so long, I'm a bit fuzzy on the afternoon/early evening of that day.) I think we worked on the set a little, before we started in on the lighting. Maybe. Or not.

If you recall, it was the lighting pieces we were working on when that first awkward moment took place. As in, that happened the night before. And not one word from him about anything. Even though we were together the entire rest of the day/evening. Late into the evening.

Here's how it was:

We (Cam and myself) spent about 7 hours together, just the two of us, climbing risers and ladders, running extension cords, and positioning lights.

(Have you ever had to do any set lighting? Apparently, it involves at least one person to position the light, while another one stands in the light, walking a bit around the stage, to make sure the actor(s) will be lit properly when they need to be, and that everything looks just so, and there are no dark areas. At least, that's how we had to do things on our make-shift set. I'm sure it's much easier when you have an actual auditorium with built-in lighting, and a board full of controls and such.)

So, just so you can visualize this, Cam is up on a ladder, which is on top of some risers, so he's basically up by the ceiling. I am on the set/stage area, walking and standing where he says to, keeping my face turned to the light, looking up at him, the entire time. (Shades of Funny Face here, only with a spotlight instead of a camera, and also, I'm no Audrey Hepburn.)

I'm trying not to go blind staring into some really bright lights, and wondering if I look frumpy (nothing like a spotlight shining on you for hours on end to crush your ego), while Cam is, basically, spending the evening looking at...me.

to be continued...

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