Tuesday, June 1, 2010

this was my weekend

Twin2 chose to walk at graduation ceremonies, even though he still has a lot of work to do in order to actually graduate. Brave, I thought. (I knit some on my jaywalkers during the grad ceremonies. Almost ready to start the heel gussets!)
We all went for an easy hike in Capitol Reef. Twin1 looks like he's all alone here - but there were tons of us.

My sweet niece Ms P was the life of the party at the campground. (Her daddy is a park ranger this summer at Capitol Reef - lucky girl!) Her favorite words seem to be "hug", "help", "down", "hat", and "pretty". This little girl is in heaven, practically living in the biggest "sandbox" ever ("sand"=very soft dirt).
Dangerous sandbox, with pretty, blossoming, prickly pear.

This nifty carved rock was just to the side of the trail, calmly waiting to be noticed. I had to wonder if the rock was originally more like the shape of the carving, and has worn away over the years, or if the person who carved this was just adding their own interpretation.

I carefully selected and packed various knit and crochet projects for the camping trip. I even started on my knitted radish just before we left:
If I'd been a passenger instead of a driver, maybe I'd have a lot of finished objects to add to my list.

Instead, inspired by some cute little pincushions available at the Gifford House (located right there in the campground), I started working on this:

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