Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Year of Ami, week 19, S is for...

Some seriously sweet stuff!

Something simple to crochet, this super-sweet Little Stump from Ana Paula. I don't know why, but I'm thoroughly enchanted by this little item!

And, a seriously singular knit, Seedling, by Purpgee2000. This little fella is reversible, changing from a seed

to a little plant baby.

(I should have something from P, Q, or R to show you soon. I'm resisting making any more peas, on the grounds it's going to need more than the pattern said. I need to know the actual dimensions of a quart-size milk carton, but haven't been to the store in a while. There was an error in the knit radish pattern, but I was able to have it clarified/corrected, so now I can continue. Pea Babe is just going to take a little time to complete. There's been a lot going on at home, but I'm not giving up yet!)

*Pics of my own creations added after-the-fact*

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