Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ugly? Not so much

Personally, I think he's adorable:

I know this doesn't give you a sense of his size here. He's about 7" tall, from his toes to the tip of his taller ear.
I found I had to tweak the shaping a little as I went along. I figured the decreases should be at his sides, more so than related to where your round starts/stops, which you know sort of migrates as you go along. So keep your decreases roughly centered as relates to the corners from your starting rounds. (I hope that made sense...)
As you might expect, I like a little more direction on where to put facial features and arms and such. None given, so I had to refer to the pictures, which were nice and clear.
In case you want more direction: I suggest doing the mouth first, 12 stitches over the "center" of the front, between rnds 11 & 12. Then stitch the nose, over one stitch, 2 rnds above mouth. I did three stitches with my yarn, all right on top of each other. Next, the teeth, 3 stitches each, vertically, and spread out, each over one sc, just under the 5th and 8th stitches on the mouth. The eyes, 3 rnds above mouth, each one centered over 3rd stitch from respective side. The X eye over 2 rnds/stitches, the round eye with the top of it just below round 5.
Sew on the arms, centered on each "side", below rnd 12, which should be one round below the mouth.
Ears are sewn on above each eye, centered on your beginning round.
All facial features were sewn with worsted yarn. Leftover bits that were in my yarn basket, probably Vanna's Choice yarns. I tried to leave enough of a tail on the white eye to sew his teeth with, but came up a little short. So leave yourself a nice long tail on that eye so you don't have to dig up another scrap of yarn just to finish the teeth.
My Ugly Bunny was crocheted using Premier Yarns Serenity Worsted in Green.

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LollyChops said...

He's COMPLETELY adorable!!!

If he needs a good home, let me know.