Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Want Sprinkles!

Went to the Cake Wrecks book signing last night up at Kings English bookstore in SLC.

Lots of cake. Lots of fun. Jen and John are basically just as much fun in person as they are on the blog.

And, in case you were wondering the same thing, yes, this is a full-time thing. They even have an assistant.

Also, she wore the boots!

(and...I forgot my camera...oops)


Jacque of All Trades said...

Laurel, I went to the Roman Sock website today and she has the pattern for the Ultimate Squirrel for sale. $3.50. There is a knit and a crochet version.

Rachel Orme said...

I totally wish I could've gone to the Cake Wrecks book signing. That blog is one of my daily "must" reads! Glad to know you're out here in the blogosphere... :)