Monday, June 28, 2010

Year of Ami, week 23, W is for...

What do you know? We're approaching the half-way point! (It would be the finish-line, but, no, I was stupid, and instead of doing each letter over 2 weeks, and going just once through the alphabet, I had to make this a weekly thing, so we get to do each letter twice. Or would you say four times, since for each week, I'm doing one knit and one crochet? Whatever.)

Anyway, my choices for W are way WOW.

To crochet, this most adorable, seriously huggable, from Pooky, Spooky & Crafty,  Widdle Fat Sheepy. Isn't that cute? I love the fatness.

To knit, something that made my jaw drop the minute I saw it, something I've wanted to hold in my hands ever since, from Mochi-Mochi (sorry for the repeat on the designer, but it's worth it, seriously), Woodins.

I'm not entirely sure I'll manage to make the whole thing. I'll start with the little critter, but I must make that log, too, because, seriously, how cute is that? I mean, I'm dying to play with this, and I'm an adult, with only teenagers at home, so I'm going to have to invite nieces and nephews over, or I'll look mighty silly sitting there playing by myself. Then again, who cares how silly you look? That's one seriously cool toy!
Speaking of Mochi-Mochi, her book is out tomorrow! I've got mine on pre-order, and it's finally on it's way to me!

(having a hard time finding projects for X...anyone know of anything? Or should we use that week to catch up, finish the unfinished? That seems unfair...there must be something out there...)

P.S. I know I have some unfinished items from previous weeks. I'm working on them, I promise. But, it's going to get busy this week, with Independence Day celebrations at my place, and various projects that need to get done before that. I'll try not to get further off-track. Promise.

*pics of my own creations added after-the-fact*

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