Thursday, July 15, 2010

'nother giraffe, and a tiny pear

Whipped up this little fella a couple evenings ago, and got to finish up his mane while waiting at the dentist Tuesday afternoon. He's only 7" tall. Made from this vintage pattern, just for fun. I wasn't sure if maybe I was supposed to enlarge the pattern, but you do the ears and tail from measurements, and they look about right, so I guess this was the right size. They seem to think it's a baby toy, but I think that pencil-thin neck makes it more of a display item. Perhaps part of a Noah's Ark? I still haven't added anything for his eyes, because there's a flower in just the right spot on both sides. His mane seems a bit bushy to me, but Twin1 says not.

Made the pear a while ago, shrunk down the pattern from Fresh Picked by Heather Bailey. Tiny, a little hard to get those curves, but so cute. It's about 3" tall.

Fabrics were in my stash, no idea when or where I got them, but I've had both for a while.

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