Wednesday, July 14, 2010

double feature

I did a crazy thing last night. I went to two movies in a row. And I liked it.

First, Eclipse, with my fellow Bookettes. Because, you know, we've all read them, and we've gone to the other Twilight movies together, so, we had to.
Best Moment: Charlie comes out to see why Edward & Jacob are fighting, steps between them, pushes them apart like you would any two guys looking to rumble, and says, "lets take this down a notch", and then asks what happens. Jacob just blurts it out, "I kissed Bella...and then she hit me...and broke her hand." I just love Charlie's reaction there.
Close Second: Again, Charlie (because he's so much more likable and real in the movie), when he's trying (not) to have "the talk" with Bella, about "being careful", and she finally just blurts out that she's a virgin. After a second, he turns around, sandwich in hand, and says something like, "hmm, I'm starting to like this Edward kid."
But, enough about that. If you've read the books, the movie held few surprises.

The BEST part of the evening, so glad I stayed up late, was The Sorcerer's Apprentice. LOVED it! To be fair, I do think it could have been fleshed out just a bit more. I don't know what movie people do to take a movie from "good" to "I've-watched-it-so-many-times-and-I-still-love-it", but this one felt like it needed just that little bit more to make it irresistible.
(My experience may have a little something to do with sitting next to Mr Chattypants and his girlfriend - they kept up a commentary all through the previews and into the intro of the movie, and then either stopped or got quieter after that (the theater was not full, they could have sat anywhere...why is it always next to me?), but then both got up twice to use the bathroom or whatever, and left as soon as the credits came on. They missed the bit at the end, then, so that's fair.)

Speaking of irresistible, Nic Cage did not disappoint. Nope, not at all. And if that's not his real hair? They did a very good job with the wig.

Special effects, car chases, things blowing up, science, romance, this movie has it all.
Science? Yup. The kid is into physics, and he manages to make it look cool.

Very much worth seeing on opening night, definitely worth the price of the ticket. Stay to the very end because 1) it's polite movie etiquette, and 2) there's a little something worth seeing.

(BTW, that questionable moment in this preview? (mentioned previously here) Not in the movie. I guess they got the message.)

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