Saturday, July 10, 2010

One Million Giraffes

Has anyone else heard of this project? Kind of a cool idea. The project is run by this guy in Norway, Ola, and originated in a silly bet with a friend. When I uploaded my contribution, the photo of this giraffe, made for a co-workers baby shower, he had about 173,000 to go. This morning, he's down to only about 90,000.
I was inspired to create more, and went online to find freebie patterns and such. There weren't a ton, but I found some cute ones, like this vintage pattern, and this one from More Softies Only A Mother Could Love, as well as this adorable collection of no-sew animals. (Of course there are a few knit and crochet patterns, too, but we'll come back to those later.)
Most of what's on the site are drawings, a lot of them done by kids. Some are very clever renditions in food, chairs, people, stones. Anything goes! (Except, you can't create it on the computer - that's the only rule.)
So, come on, let's help him meet his goal. Get out your drawing pens (or fabric), sit down with the kids, and get creative!
Deadline for entries is 1/1/2011.

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