Friday, July 16, 2010

Voodoo Knitting

He looks kinda happy for someone with pins stuck in him, no?

I used a new-to-me technique on my knitted voodoo doll. I'd never before heard of doing a provisional cast-on with a crochet hook, but it was easy to learn, and it worked great! I think it's easier to explain to a new knitter than the sling-shot method, as well. There are a bunch of tuts out there, but this is the one I used. I was so intrigued when I stumbled across it, I ripped out all 10 rnds I'd knitted so far, and started over.

Speaking of ripping back, I couldn't figure why you'd want to knit 20 rounds when you start the head, if you're going to rip out 5 of them when you come back and take out the provisional cast-on. However, because I tend to do things as written, at least the first time, I went with it. And it's probably a good thing. You rip back a few rounds because that way you don't have to join a new yarn to finish the head. Good plan. Except, I had a couple yards of yarn left over, so maybe 5 rounds is too much? Or possibly I lost count and ripped back a round or two more. Not sure.
Changes/mods: I only did one round of decreases on the arms, because after finishing one the way it was written, I just didn't like how it looked. So on the second arm, I tried it with just one round, and then changed the first arm to match. Less pointy.
I also opted to backstitch the heart instead of cross-stitch it. I just wasn't in the mood last night as I was trying to finish him up, I guess. Also not sure I'd have had enough red yarn on me (I'd done the provisional using red, so I'd have it there to make the heart with).
I'm not sure I agree with the idea of just cinching it at the neck instead of shaping, but, he looks okay.

I could have used a stitch count after the increase sets. In case you feel the same, I will tell you that after all the shoulder increases, you should have 46 stitches total, and after the torso increases, you will have 32 stitches (that looks like it couldn't make sense, but it does, since you place a bunch of stitches on holders after the shoulders).

(Are his legs a little long? Or is that just me?)

He's about 6" tall, making the two voodoo's look sort of parent/child proportioned.

Which is just kind of creepy.

Yarns: LB Woolease in Black,  Red. Probably Vanna's Choice in White for the facial stitches.

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