Friday, July 16, 2010

X marks the (halfway) spot

This is a lot bigger than I'd expected. I think it might be time to employ a little math before choosing projects. Maybe even set a limit for myself as to what constitutes "small" or "quick", in terms of total stitches required to complete the item.
Still, a clever little thing to crochet.

I got confused when starting the second section, and I started at the wrong end of the row. Which meant that I had the fat side of the X where the skinny side should have been, and I had to rip it back and start over.


In case you were confused, too, let me share. When it said, "place a marker in the last sc on Row 22", that's what I did. I put it in the last sc, not the last stitch of the foundation chain. Which, it turns out, is where it should have gone. At any rate, start up again with section 2 at the far end, over the "fat" leg, at the outside edge of the foundation chain. (Would it have killed them to say that? You know, just to clarify for those of us who tend to over-think stuff?)

Speaking of foundation chains, this one seems to be done a little differently from Snuffykin's version (which we used for the eel), and I'm not sure if that was on purpose or not. So I'm going to try it the Snuffykin way when I make the other half, and see how that looks.

I'm considering doing a few rounds of sc at the edges,  possibly as a way to join the two halves, so it ends up more like a block letter instead of a flat-edged pillow. (Does that make sense?)

Yeah, I know my curves are all curled up on the edges. I'll steam it out before I try to put it together with the other half. Promise.

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