Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Container Garden reprise 2

How it looked in June, the morning after planting:
In the heat of July, early evening:
And now, in August (in really strong morning light):
Can you get past those and get in the door? (Barely)
Sheesh - you can't even see the containers anymore! (I had to pull the gargoyle out of hiding)
There were other things in there besides coleus (the dark stuff) and sweet potato vine (bright green), but those have taken over big-time. I don't remember ever having my coleus get that tall before.
I'm gonna have to re-pot the hanging one. I fed it, and gave it a couple weeks. Up close, it looks like it's doing so much better, so many more flowers. But when I see it here, (casting that serious shadow) I can see it's still not anywhere near what it was when I got it. My guess is it's almost all roots in there.
(um, I think maybe I need to change out my door decor...)
Just in case you're wondering, or thinking that maybe I'm just good at this whole garden thing (ha!), all I do is water them twice a day. At first I thought, ugh, that'll happen. But then, this gal that was teaching the class, she says that she just waters them as she leaves for work, and again when she comes home at night. Totally works.
(Also, when you plant, start with fresh soil every time, I use a variety called Moisture Control, and a liberal sprinkling of Osmocote.)

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