Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We have bees!
Aren't they both just the cutest?!?

Both patterns were pretty easy, straightforward.
The crochet version is written in English (British?) terms, so even though it says dc, that means sc to most of us here in the US. Just to be sure, when I was starting this one, I looked online for a conversion table, and found this one. Basic, but adequate, I think.
I didn't slip stitch at the end of every round, I just used the jogless stripe. It's not perfect, but I think it'll do.
When I was crocheting, it occurred to me that as I was working in the round, and as I was going to be picking up the same color again in a few rounds, I didn't need to cut the yarn every time I changed colors. So I didn't - I just let it sit there until I needed it again. The yarn didn't even tangle while I worked!

The knitted version was so easy, I hardly felt like I'd started, when I was already making the stinger.
I had the Wool-Ease handy that I'd just used for the crochet version, so I just kept on with that, using size 3 needles. It's still only 3" long. (Carried the other color yarn on this one, too. Just twisted it tog when it was time to pick it up again.)
When I did the i-cord for the wings, I just did one longer one (30 rows) and stitched the ends together. I then folded and stitched in half, and sewed to the body, wrapping the yarn once around the center for a little more definition.

Yarn: LB Wool-Ease in Buttercup, Black, and White


Liz said...

oh my gooodness! Those guys are so cute! Also, I made Graham the alien guy a few years ago for his birthday and he still loves him. So cute!

sergun said...

:)) it is very nice