Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Minion down...

What do you think? Pretty cute, huh?

Pattern wasn't hard. Just all them parts and pieces to contend with, which always slows me down.
Problem on Rnd 5 of the overalls: (Just checked the pattern, and she's fixed the error, so no worries! But, if you have a copy like mine, printed earlier, here's how it should work)
it says: *sc in next 2 sc, inc* around (32). But, that has math issues. You start with 28 stitches (from rnd 4), and you only want to add 4 stitches. If you increase every 3rd stitch, you're adding 9ish. I say "ish", because 28 is not evenly divisible by 3, so you're going to come up short. And have too many increases. If you want to add only 4 stitches, and you're starting with 28, you might want to divide 28 by 4. That gives you 7, so, probably, your rnd should read: *sc in next 6, inc* around. That will have you increasing every 7th stitch, and will result in 32 stitches.
Math always wins.
I like how she did the arms. Easier than trying to sc around in a tight circle.
I had to take off 3 stitches from the goggle strap to fit the head right. Dunno why, but, it's not hard to pull those out. I stitched mine down to the head.
I also stitched the center of the overall strap down to the overalls in back, in order to make it more like overalls, less like an apron.
Yarns: LB Wool-Ease in Buttercup, Blue Mist, Black, Oxford Grey

(are we about done with that Build-me-up Buttercup yellow yarn? Nope. Because it's just right for yolks.)

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Dragonflymom said...

I plan on making some, and yours turned out sooo cute!!! This movie was one of the best, cutest, and funniest my boys and I have seen in a long time.