Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Fried Egg

This cute little item took me all of 10 minutes, I think. And that includes me working out how to close up the back. Seriously.

For a stand-alone fried egg from this pattern:
Work Rnd 5 in the front loops only (to leave you something to work in later)
Work and finish as written (I love how it's shaped! So easy to make it look realistic!)
Join white yarn in one of the back loops from rnd 4
Rnd 1: sc around in back loops (16)
Rnd 2: dec around (8)
Slip stitch to close round
Make sure you stuff it a little. My yarn ends were just about enough. I added some stuffing, and it's a little bit puffy, so maybe I shouldn't have?
Use the nice finish, and close up the hole

Yarns: LB Wool-Ease in Buttercup and White

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Sheepy said...

Thanks this is so cute!