Saturday, August 7, 2010

Zozo's feet (which is not to suggest "Zuzu's petals". Nope. Not at all.)

Aren't Zozo's feet just the coolest?!?
You start with the toes, link them up and knit them together to make feet.
Then you thread all the loose ends inside, so it looks nice and tidy (and the foot portion is stuffed just right).
And then follow her stitching diagram, weaving your yarn through stitches just below the "ankle" and just above the "toes".
Then you pull up that bunch of stitches, and...
you have feet! Complete with heels!
I am just totally amazed.

Plus, I think I know how to do the feets for Captain Underpants now. I mean, in my redesigned version, in which he has fingers and toes, and his limbs are jointed (which is what's taking so long with him).

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