Friday, August 6, 2010

Cake + Humidity =

Twin2: "Mom? Are you seriously, seriously, going to put this out there, on the table, and serve it? To all those people? Seriously? Because, have you seen this?"

Me (glancing back to see that the top layer has not only slid off, but also broken in half): "Yes. Yes I am. How else is it going to get eaten? Do you think it would improve upon sitting in the car, in this heat, for the rest of the afternoon? It's cake. It will still taste good, no matter what it looks like. Besides, it's not like my name is on it. Nobody has to know it's mine."

(Except, as I was putting it away after the Tree Family Picnic, about 1/2 gone, one of my many relations caught me, and took a picture. Which I would show you, if I had it. Really.)

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