Friday, September 17, 2010

sewing room revisions

Remember way back, in December, when I was saying I had tucked away, too far away, the pj pattern I needed for my boys? And that I couldn't imagine what made me put it in such an inaccessible spot? Well, the "flexible storage box" that pattern (and the un-sewn tops from the prior year) was stored in, I sort of, apparently, felt the need to put it right back in that same spot, after removing what I needed at the moment.


Recently, I needed to get into it again. And there it was, tucked way back, behind and under a multitude of things. I worked up a serious sweat getting to it, too.

Thing is, I've been wanting something from that "box" for a few weeks, but I've been telling myself I'd get to it, and then not diving in and digging it out. Until I needed something else. Or, rather, needed to access something else near where that was. I needed to finish looking at the patterns, finding my SSS pattern numbers, and I had to clear out stuff from in front of my shelves to get to the last 6 boxes, over in the corner.
This time, I pulled out the entire storage "box", and did NOT put it back. What's more, I went through it, and culled the things I wanted for right now, putting those closer to the sewing machine, and stored the other things away.

In another room, actually, in some boxes that weren't quite full. I've been meaning to incorporate those boxes into the sewing room, but haven't quite managed it figured, what's the harm of adding to the contents? They still take up the same amount of space, right?

It's totally okay to store your sewing room overflow in your son's room.


It does not mean you have a fabric addiction.

It just means your sewing room is too small.

And, maybe, so is the rest of the house.

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