Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SSS outfit #1

This outfit, one of my all-time favorites (to the point of I-don't-care-what-you-think-of-it-because-I-like-it) was my first choice for today, but the second outfit I dressed in:
Let me explain.

I had two meetings today, one of those, the first one, with a client I have not met before. I wanted to be sure I looked professional, and conservative. Most of my me-made "suits" are not exactly conservative. They tend to be fairly colorful, or quirky in some way. Otherwise, why make it myself, right? This one isn't bizarre, but it is unique, and I didn't feel it projected the proper "professional" look I wanted for a first-time meeting.

So I dressed in some navy pants, a navy cardigan, and a striped knit top I'd made, along with me-made jewelry. I felt lame, going "lite" for the first day.

I was almost out the door, just had to put in my contacts and do my hair (which really doesn't take long), when I got a phone call. My first appointment wanted to reschedule to tomorrow, would that be okay? Uh, sure, no problem. I hang up, head for the bathroom to finish getting ready. Then, it hits me. I have to change, because otherwise, I won't be wearing the conservative, professional outfit when I meet with that client. I'd be wearing something else, something much less conservative.


So, I got out the iron, and spiffed up today's outfit, changed my clothes, changed my jewelry, changed stockings, shoes, everything.

At least I know what I'm wearing tomorrow.

pattern: Simplicity 7041, a Maren Dress style, long-time out-of-print

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