Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Flamingo Finished

Fay Flamingo was an interesting pattern. And by interesting, I mean flawed.

The stitch count is off for rnds 22 and 23 - both should be 2 more stitches than it states. That one might be corrected by now - I left a review note to that effect a few days back, which they replied to.

The other problem, the larger issue, has been in several review comments over a fair amount of time, yet nothing has been done.

The increasing and decreasing you do to get the shape of the neck and body sort of drift to the right as you do each round. Because that's what happens when you crochet in the round - the stitches move back, to the right, with each round. That's just what happens. So, I adjusted my starting point on each round by just doing extra sc until I could see I'd be more or less centered under the "chin" when I worked the decreases for the front of the body. It was a little tricky. My guess is that those who said they didn't notice that problem, maybe they didn't realize they were past what should have been the start of their next round. Like maybe they just eyeballed that, instead of counting or using a stitch marker. Just know you might have to adjust that if you don't want your flamingo to have a bit of twist to the body.

I used a darker pink for the legs because I liked how it looked on the knit version. Now I wish I'd used a darker pink fun fur, too, to sort of match that.

Yarns: Sugar n Cream in Soft Pink, Fun Fur in Soft Pink, Creme de la Creme in Black, Peaches & Cream in Shocking Pink

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