Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SSS outfits from week 1

SSS "lite" for Sept 2. Had that meeting with the new-to-me client. Only the top and jewelry are me-made here. Trying to locate the pattern still, though I'm sure Simplicity 9081 for that top -  it's long since out-of-print, like so many of my me-made items. I made the earrings and bracelet for Brother5's first wedding, to go with a nice pale green skirt-suit I bought for the occasion.
Wore this outfit all day, even to the first night of the Storytelling Festival. Figured as it was washable, and not too fancy, it didn't matter if it was a work outfit. I do love that top. Love the colors in the stripes. (I have a piece of fleece that matches. Has the exact same stripes, same colors, just in fluffy fleece. I could make something to match...but what would I want in fleece to match a short-sleeved t-shirt?)

Sept 3, First full day at Timp Storytelling! No more boring work-clothes for me! I made the blouse (M5589) just before a trip to Hawaii (May of '08), and wore it on the plane-ride out. The neckline is a tad wide, and threatens to slip off the shoulder. I'm wearing an undershirt to keep things modest. You can't see it here, but believe me, it was seen plenty through the day.
Pants (M5632) are a dark denim, finished in April this year, just before it warmed up. I lined the pockets with this cute egg print, all blues and greens on a black background. When working with denim or other heavy fabrics, using lining for the pockets makes it much easier.
Necklace "slide" is also me-made - a scrabble tile base with cute paper glued on and glazed over.

Sept 4, Day 2 of the festival! Made this jacket (M7554) (and pants(M6322)) eons ago, the top (M8840) a little later. The whole outfit is chambray of one kind or another (and all patterns very long ago out-of-print). I'm not sure if the skinny-legged thing is back or not, but I was comfy, so whatever.
Another nifty wood button on this jacket. It was black, but many washings have made it greenish.
(I also made the earrings and bracelet, but didn't take a close-up for you.)

Sept 5, Sunday. I love this dress. I remember buying the fabric and pattern (NL6354, and so old, they've re-used the pattern number already) in the late summer/early fall of '95, just before I started working for HCS. It was a while before I finished it, I think.

Sept 6, Labor Day. I didn't actually leave the house much. When I did, it was to tinker with the cooler again. Had to wear something grubby to climb on the roof, so I dug out this old pair of denim-look knit leggings (M5369). There was a matching top at one point. I wear them when I paint and such now, so they're much spattered, and the seams are splitting a bit, too. I wore out that pattern, made it so many times. I loved the tops on that pattern.

And for today, Sept 7, a lovely floral skirt. (Told you I'd be showing some leg this month.) I bought a remnant of this fabric, knowing I might not have enough to make anything. I'd had my eye on it, but it went fast in this color, and finally, there was less than a yard left. But I really wanted this skirt (S5199 out-of-print), so I finally cut it out cross-wise. It tries to stretch longer every time I iron it, but the ribbon trim on the seams keeps that in check.
I have the blue/green version of this print, in a much larger quantity. I'm thinking pants for that one.

So that wraps up one full week of SSS. Thrilling, no?

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