Monday, September 6, 2010

Year of Ami, week 33, G is for Gnome!

When I was young, my parents had this book about Gnomes. It was the sort of book that made it look like serious research, with all kinds of facts and history. Beautiful watercolor illustrations. I used to look at that book for hours, wishing they were real, and that I could see them.
Later, there was the traveling gnome, first seen in Amelie, then picked up by Travelocity for their ads.
In either case, gnomes take me down memory lane a bit, longing for childhood, travel, or both.

To crochet, Simply A Gnome, from Else's Bellas Artes. She has a lot of cute, free patterns!

To knit, based on the crochet version, Traveling Gnome, from Knitted Toy Box (a treasure-trove of patterns there, too).

*pics of my own creations added after-the-fact*

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