Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SSS Outfits, Week 3

Wed, 15th, wearing my "tablecloth" skirt. It's got pockets! I didn't make it from a tablecloth, it just looks kind of like one to me. Made this so many years ago, the only reason it fits now is the elastic waist in back.

I made these earrings, too. They're paper! They were just plain white paper, and they've yellowed and crinkled some over the years. I have a whole book on how to make paper jewelry.

Thu, 16th, wearing my much-worn basic black pants. The only work-worthy pants I've made that aren't part of a suit. They have a high waist, and a hidden zip up the center back. I was making them to wear to a party, and I ran short of time, so I used double-stick tape to do the hems. They stayed that way for years, through many washings, before I finally stitched the hems. Love these pants.

Friday, 17th, in one of my most fab outfits ever. This one happened because of a shopping trip to Sears. There was this evening ensemble consisting of a floor-length black dress, slit up to the thigh, with a green jacket over it. It looked great, but where would I wear it? Mom and I headed for the fabric store, and found the perfect pattern, and the perfect green fabric for the jacket. I used my skills to make bound buttonholes on the jacket. (McCalls 8547, oop) All-in-all, this outfit was even better than the one from Sears, and I could wear it to work.

Saturday, 18th, on my way to a brunch Pie Party with my family. I made the cute stripey overalls, the yellow top (repeat from last Saturday), the pie basket, and the Bad Baby Pie. Bought the striped fabric because it reminded me of the apron my dad always wore to make breakfast. Not sure if the apron is still in service, but dad still makes pancakes most Saturday mornings. (come on over, there's plenty!)
Also made the necklace, which almost deserves it's own post. We went up to Blackhawk to watch a meteor shower, and found tons of seed beads spilled under the picnic table. Not only that, there were lengths of fishing line to string them on. We were groveling in the dirt under the table when the campground host came around to collect the fees. I'm sure he thought we were crazy. We went home with the coolest souvenirs ever!

Sunday, 19th. This dress makes me feel young, no idea why. I made it in polished cotton, which I've found doesn't require an iron, on the whole, which means I love it beyond reason. (Also wearing one of my scrabble tile slides.)

Monday, 20th, in my slinky knit dress. I expect to make more in this pattern, or at least make the top. I figured I'd need an undershirt for this, that the neckline would plunge too low, so I spent weeks searching for that just-right grey/blue color to go under this. Turns out, I didn't need it.
It was windy that morning, hence the flippy bangs. Also, this was the first time I'd encountered anyone else outside while I posed for my daily photo, so I was feeling a bit awkward.

Tues, 21st, wearing one of my very favorites. There was barely enough fabric to make this linen dress, after I pieced it for the back. The jacket was made from a remnant of pique, again, not enough, and I had to use a plain white for the undercollar, and also shorten the length, just to get the jacket. Bought the shoes years later, at Charlotte Russe. Before that, I wore this with red shoes, which worked unless I wanted to take the jacket off, and then it just looked odd. Wish you could see the earrings. They're daisies, about 3/4" diameter, and fairly realistic. From an antique shop. Wish I had a ring to match.

Wed, 22nd. I wore this suit when I interviewed, where I still work today, over 15 years ago. It was new then, but it's held up pretty well over the years. Never needs an iron! M7823 (from the 90's).
Incidentally, this could be the last time this month you see me in pants on a workday. I hesitate to repeat anything, and this is my last pants-suit. Getting real tired of shaving my legs every day, but most of what I have left is skirts. Might need to spend some time in the sewing room soon.

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Anonymous said...

I like all the outfits you chose, but that green jacket from Friday is fantastic. The colour is to die for.