Monday, October 18, 2010

Can I get a YaYa?!?

YaYa was great...wish you'd been there. Or, were you there? It was kinda crowded, so I could have missed you in the crush.

This year I did get a name and a necklace (last year, they ran out before I got there), and my YaYa name is Princess Smiling Sun.(Wait, was that supposed to be a secret?)

Food was great, as per usual, but the line was mega long. Not as much on the freebie side this year, either. More of the $5 variety.

IF you were there, you already know that my new friend Andrea won the grand prize for her TaTa hat! She's this super-positive breast cancer survivor, who was fortunate enough to have them use her belly fat to reconstruct after her double mastectomy. While she was going thru chemo, before they could do reconstruction, she had some nice falsies. Said falsies were the main feature of her bright pink hat. You could tell when she walked by, because there was a sudden buzz in the women around you, all of them giggling and such over her hat. It was one awesome hat.
Way to represent!

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Marcy said...

I love the picture! Sounds like it was fun.