Friday, October 22, 2010

cjane is bad for my wallet

When cjane posted about the Dollhouse Festival (which I used to attend, but hadn't in years), I had to go see that dolls tree house in person. They have a little craft fair, as well as bidding on the donated dollhouses, so I expected I might spend a little. I spent a little more than I thought. Because I bought this vintage 50's dollhouse, compete with furniture and a doll family.
See, we were there when they closed the bidding, and nobody had bid on it. If nobody bid on it, you could just buy it for the minimum bid price, if you were there and could snatch it up before anyone else did. Minimum bids were around $60-$70 for most of them. Some brought in a real good price, too.
I'm not having buyers remorse over this, it's just more than I expected to spend that day. Isn't it cute, though?
(Note: my furniture is different than that shown here. I haven't had time to set it up again, so if I'd taken a picture of mine, it'd be empty - but it's this same house. Photo from here. I really really really want that patio furniture, though. Mine had a set of nursery furniture instead.)

(we're not going to talk about the 2 tubes of lipstick I bought a few months ago, on her recommendation - 2 separate shopping trips, accidentally buying the same color both times)

Instead, let me share with you the other, more recent purchase, much more affordable than the doll house.
I bought tickets to Mortal Fools Dracula at the Castle. I thought for sure my Twins would tell me no thanks, but they both wanted to go, and could I please buy another ticket so Twin2 could bring his girlfriend? Yes, I could. Apparently, last years production of Frankenstein was awesome. This years production looks like it'll at least live up to that. You should come.

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