Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sock Progress

No longer odd, these socks are starting to shape up nicely. I've just started the gussets. (For you non-knitters, or just non-sock knitters, that's just before you do the heel, which means, despite ripping these all the way back and totally starting over, I'm almost done with the feet.)

I tried one other eyelet pattern, but didn't like it much. So I re-knitted just those sections. I was NOT going to rip both sock back that many rows, again, just for a small section of 6 stitches either side. I figured if I started the new eyelet just above that point, it'd be fine, since I probably should have made sure I had gotten past all my toes before deliberately putting holes in my socks.

I think I'll call these Weekend Blues. I'm scribbling notes keeping track in my head, and maybe I'll even write up the pattern when I'm done.

Worth starting them over? I think so.

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