Friday, October 8, 2010

a couple movies to see

Last week, we rented 500 Days of Summer, and Last Holiday. Both were good.

500 Days: I honestly said, to my teenage boy, during the opening voice-over explanation of how this is not a love story, that "every story is a love story". I believe that. Even my own story, though I am currently unattached, is a love story.
I'm not entirely sure what was up with Summer. Or maybe Zoe just doesn't do insecure very well?
The overall effect was bittersweet. Worth seeing.
I liked this movie, but, something was lacking. Or at least, I assume so. Because, before I'd buy this one to add to our extensive collection, I'd buy Last Holiday.

Last Holiday is a remake of an older film, but it didn't feel stale. It goes without saying that I love Queen Latifah. And Depardieu is brilliant as Chef Didier. (Such a typical Frenchman. Especially in looks. I swear, I never saw so many unattractive men in any one place as I did in Paris. But, then, they speak, and they look at you as though they can see into your soul, and your knees go weak.) Ahem.
I felt that Last Holiday was sweet, refreshing, and inspiring. Without feeling like it was trying too hard. I liked the message, and the feel of it. Nothing new, I know, but they put it so well.
You really can't keep putting off the good things, hoping for "someday", without actually doing anything about it.
I'm not going to go out and blow all my retirement funds by staying at a $4k/night hotel, but, maybe it's time I started to turn some of my own "possibilities" into realities.

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