Thursday, October 7, 2010

About this whole FO thing...

In going over my list of Finished Objects, I noticed something.

Something that was actually brought to my attention earlier, during a discussion about the Suede Jacket. It was in that discussion that I said, just as I realized it, that I hadn't made an adult sweater* since the lovely cabled aran I'd made about 15 years ago.

And that one wasn't originally for me. But I digress.

The point, dear readers, is this: In going over my lists, I noticed that I have done very little for myself, in the way of wearables, for quite some time. In fact, in 2009, I made, for myself, 1 pr of fleece socks, 1 pr knitted socks, and 1 pr of Bella gloves. In that whole year, those 3 (6?) items are the only things I made for myself to wear. I'm not sure right now if I even made myself any jewelry or other accessories. Pretty sure I didn't.

And that's kind of sad.

Now, to be fair to myself, my sewing room was less accessible during parts of '09, due to shifting it from one room to another, which is when I became completely obsessed with knitting and crochet again. Because if I'm not creating something, it's like I can't breathe.

To be fair, knitting socks/mittens/gloves/toys is addicting. It's a little Instant Gratification, but impressive at the same time.

To be fair, I've started some projects, cut out a few things. It's the finishing that's not happening.

Does any of that excuse me from taking such an almost complete hiatus from self(ish)-clothing creation?
No wonder I've felt a little lack-luster about sewing and such for the last couple of years. I mean, when all I do is make stuff for other people?

It can get kind of tedious.

I've done a little better this year. I've sewn myself 7 items of clothing (only one was started in 2010), knit one cardigan (start to finish in only 5 months! except I bought the stuff in Mar '06), sewn a purse, created a necklace and bracelet (not matching), knit a pair of Alice's New Moon Mitts, and knit an Inishturk Tam (which I probably won't wear, not being much of a winter hat person). It's only October, so I've 3 more months in which to selfishly create stuff for me in 2010. I think I'd like to have it average out to at least one item of clothing per month. Accessories and socks not included; they're too small to count.

Maybe, just for fun, just to freak us both out, I should make you a list of my UNfinished Objects. Cuz that'd be scary. And possibly depressing. So maybe not. Not that I don't have lists of those things. It's just, well, it could be counterproductive to try to compile and post them. Overwhelming and all that.

No. I think I'll stick with my FO list for now. I keep that so I know I've done something. So that when I feel like I've not accomplished anything at all, I can look at that, and remind myself that I have. Apparently, sometimes, my inner FO compass gets stuck on "did I make any clothes for me", and the answer is too often "no", which makes me feel as though I've done nothing at all, when in reality, I've been knitting baby socks and sewing pj pants like a mad-woman, it's just all been given away. So that list, I need. A list of stuff I haven't finished? Nobody needs to see that.

*I'm pretty sure I've made at least one baby sweater and given it away in the last few years.

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