Thursday, October 21, 2010

I made a spider clock!

I found this great tutorial for a spooky clock over on Eighteen25, and I just had to have one.

I got the components and face at Roberts, and asked a friend to do the spiderweb vinyl parts for me on her Silhouette. Then, one of my friends said they were thinking of doing a crackle finish on the face, and I thought that sounded like a good idea, too.

I did the crackle stuff, and messed it up good. The bottle of crackle medium says the crackle effect happens when it dries. NOT. It sort of happens right away, and you'll spoil it if you go over it again. Which I did. So I had to start over, paint it black again, let that dry, put on another coat of crackle, let that dry, and then, with a huge foam brush and lots of paint on my pallet, I hurried to put on the white. Notice that you get bigger crackles where the paint is thicker, and smaller crackles where it's a thin coat. Better this time, though still not perfect; I decided it was good enough.

Got me some glitter spiders out at Zurchers. I figured the different colors were fine, and I liked using big spiders for the main 4 numbers, and smaller ones in between. I think I paid about $3 for the package, and I still have more spiders. (I had to look through a couple, make sure they had enough small spiders, so watch for that, if you get the same kind. If you wanted all the spiders to be black, you'd have to buy a couple packages.)
Stuck the spiders on with glue dots (had to use 2 under the little ones, as their legs make their bodies pretty far from the surface), and put the clock parts together with the face.
For placement, I just set my base on a ruled grid, and lined up top and bottom, side to side, for the main 4, then eyeballed it for the smaller ones. You could use paper, cut to match your face, and fold it in half twice, then in thirds, and use the crease lines for placement. I considered doing that. But then I figured, it'll be close enough. Plus, if it didn't work out, it's only glue dots, and I can move them.

Anyway, that's how I did it. Sort of like the one on eighteen25, but kind of not.

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