Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Knitted Strep Throat

Because, who doesn't need a plush version of this popular bacteria?

Recently, my nephew (and the rest of his family) had to miss out on a family party because the poor kid had strep throat. Sad for us all. And I got to thinking, what better way to cheer up said nephew than to knit him his own plush version of the thing that deprived him of our company?

So, I set out to find a pattern. No luck. Lots of other bacteria and virus out there, but I couldn't find strep. So I looked up images of the stuff, and took another look at the plush and furry version, and decided I could manage that.

This is just a basic sphere, but joined up and repeated the desired number of times.

You will need:
worsted weight yarn in a pinkish-red color (I used Vanna Baby in Cherry Cherry)
set of 4 dbl pnt needles, size 6 US, or a size that will produce a firm fabric with your yarn (so the stuffing doesn't try to escape)
9 mm safety eyes (optional) set of 2

Note: I like the krl increase (there is a good video here). Use whatever knitted increase you prefer.

cast on 6 stitches, and knit one row as for i-cord
distribute to 3 needles, and join to knit in the round
rnd 2: krl around (12)
rnd 3: k
rnd 4: *k1, krl* around (18)
rnd 5: k
rnd 6: *k2, krl* around (24)
rnd 7: k
rnd 8: *k3, krl* around (30)
rnd 9: k
rnd 10: *k4, krl* around (36)
rnd 11: k
rnd 12: *k8, krl* around (40)
rnd 13-15: k
rnd 16: *k8, k2tog* around (36)
rnd 17: k
rnd 18: *k4, k2tog* around (30)
rnd 19: k
rnd 20: *k3, k2tog* around (24)
rnd 21: k
rnd 22: *k2, k2tog* around (18)
rnd 23: k
stop here, stuff ball, and insert eyes if desired
rnd 24: *k1, k2tog* around (12)
rnd 25: k

For more sections, repeat rnds 3-25 as many times as you like. It looked to me like the bacteria tended toward Fibonacci numbers in chains, so I did 5 sections. At the very least, you need two. Some appear to be less divided, so you could start increasing again after round 18 or 20 for that sort of look.

When you are ready to finish off, continue as follows:
rnd 26: k2tog around (6)
cut yarn and thread through remaining stitches, hide yarn end

That's it! Now you have your very own knitted strep throat!

Shouldn't have to say it, but here it is: Though I did use the Oh, Balls! pattern as a starting point, the rest of it is all me. Please use with respect. You may make as many as you like for gifts or to sell, but please do not sell the pattern. If you wish to share the pattern, please post a link to the pattern, and not the pattern itself.

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