Monday, October 4, 2010

What didn't get worn

This is all the stuff I didn't wear for Self -Stitched -September. Not including various items that are up in the attic, awaiting colder weather, and a few pairs of knitted socks.
Some of this stuff was a tad fancy for my everyday life. I could only wear so many dresses in 30 days.
Some of this doesn't actually fit me right now. Those should probably be put away, or given to DI.
There are a few items here that I'm pretty sure I never really liked, and I think I'm ready to let those go.
I'll be glad to have my hallway mirror back. It's weird not having to take a picture every morning. And it's actually kinda hard to just reach into the regular closet and choose an outfit from my RTW clothing.
I think I'll need to make me some more stuff. Not because I need more clothes (HA!), but because I enjoyed all the compliments, and telling folks about my self-stitched clothing. I enjoyed knowing that I had created those pretty things, that nobody else out there would have the exact same article of clothing.
Also, I have a lot of fabric that shouldn't have to sit in the sewing room collecting dust, when I could be taking it out on the town in the form of a fabulous me-made outfit.
I know I only stitched up one shirt, and finished one cardigan during September, but I felt like I was doing more. I want to spend more time in the sewing room, and knit more sweaters. I plan to. I've got a few things by the knitting chair that I've promised to pick up again, and a couple of my own ready-to-sew "kits" waiting for me by the sewing machine.

In fact, I'm close to finishing that other blouse. I expect to finish it soon. The perfectionist in me wanted to re-do the buttonholes, see if I couldn't get the ones on the placket to lay flat. And re-position the top one that went crooked. I hadn't cut them open yet, because I wondered if I'd be able to let that blouse out into the world with that level of imperfection. I couldn't. I've only ripped out that very top one, and the very bottom. If I can't make those look better, the rest of them are staying as-is. I may want perfection, but even I have my limits.

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