Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Little Jug

I love how this turned out! Pattern was easy and quick to do. She leaves it up to your imagination and know-how as to the attachment of the handle, but that's not hard.
I wanted my handle to cover up my color changes, so I felt the need to shift the last row by one stitch to get the lip/spout to line up with the handle placement. If you weren't concerned about that, just work it as written. It makes for a very nice little shape.
I had in my head this little cream pitcher from home, and had to stop off at JoAnn for black yarn so I could finish it at Fab Fibers. I like how this turned out, but when I got home, and searched out the other jug, the stripes on that one were way down near the base. Oh,well. So much for memory.

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