Friday, October 1, 2010

The "Suede" jacket

I am just so excited I have finally finished a knitted wearable larger than socks!* I bought the yarn so long ago, I barely remember. It was on clearance, and the pattern was right there (in this link, it's #3), and I hemmed and hawed, and finally just went for it. The nifty yarn is now discontinued, but there are other tape yarns out there, so if you wanted one, I'm sure you could find something similar to make it in.

The fringe was super-easy. They tell you how to do it in the pattern, but I think visuals are helpful, so I took some pictures.
First, get a piece of light-weight cardboard, like the backing from a pad of paper, or a part of a cereal box, and cut it so that one measurement is the length you need for your fringe (10" for this project), and the other is long enough to work with. I used a backing from a paper notebook, so mine measures 8 1/2 x 10 after cutting.
Score a line exactly in the middle of the fringe length, on the back side of the cardboard. Scoring the line makes it easier to fold in half.
Fold the cardboard, and cut notches in opposite corners for hooking your yarn into when you wrap it.
Hook your yarn in one corner, and wind it around the cardboard how ever many times you think you need to.
When you've got enough, hook the yarn into the other notch, and cut the end. Then slip your scissors in between the layers, and cut all the lengths.

Now you have a bunch of fringe lengths, ready to use, all the same length. 

*for the record, I have knitted myself other sweaters. it's just been a while.

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