Friday, October 22, 2010

Odd Socks

Recently, Roberts was having 40% off all their yarn, so I bought up all the colors of sock yarn I'd been drooling over lately. Mostly, I've just been staring at them, trying to think what pattern to use.
Last weekend, I started a pair. Just plain so far, I think I'll add in ribbing after the heel. Maybe.

Despite being, according to the labels, the same dye lot, and despite my attempt to start them in the same colors, I've gotten this far, with no resemblance, and no repeat (yet) to the stripes.

Except...wait, do you see it? Right up by the needles, the sock on the left? Just above that bright white? That sort of looks like the same sequence as we have on the toe of the sock on the right.

I'd have to totally restart that one on the left; restart it all the way back at the toe, with the yarn just past where you see that bright white. That's almost 4" of sock. Which is kind of a lot. But then they would match. Most likely.

I think I still like the yarn enough to do that. Maybe.

Or maybe I'll start another pair, in another yarn.

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