Monday, October 11, 2010

Year of Ami Group Shot, 1st half

Check it out! I love this group shot of all my little ami treasures. You could just about play I Spy with this photo. I was going to sketch out the outlines, number them, make a little key. But it's kinda crowded in there.
Some stuff, you can only see the barest hint, while others are just a bit more "out there".

They truly are arranged like this (minus the X, while it gets displayed at my office) on this nifty little table in my living room. I get to admire the work of my own hands every time I go in or out my front door.

I'm especially pleased that I didn't use any felt to adorn anything here. All spots and eye patches and such are crocheted or embroidered on. Cap'n Underpants does have a fabric cape, and most eyes are plastic safety eyes, but other than that, it's all yarn*. Cool, huh?

Go ahead, see if you can find and name them all. It's fun!

*My helpful little man with the chicken on his head/hat is there to hold the cherries, so he doesn't count. Same with the metal bird with the armadillo on it's back. And the artistic bell holding up the eXtremely tiny sweater. Also the teacup and saucer keeping the fuzzy bunny (gremlin) from breaking out and eating after midnight. Those are not yarn. But you knew that.

(details on the X will post tomorrow)

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Bubbles said...

This is amazing! I love the hot dog and the X!!!! :)