Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Cheeses

I had no trouble at all with the knitted cheese.
We all know how I feel about sewing these things up, but I didn't grumble (much) on this one. Though my mind is still working on how to make it seamless. Like maybe picking up stitches, and knitting the red edges in with the rows of yellow. Or somehow knitting it in the round, from the smaller end. Sure. Probably not worth the brain-power.
Anyway, just know that the stitches/rows are exactly matched up as you sew together. Do the right number of rows in the yellow, even if it looks too short to fit the red (mine did). I was tempted, but then I did the math, and saw that it would match up stitch for stitch. I left a super-long tail on the yellow, and used that to sew it up. Possibly red would have been better.

As previously mentioned, I had issues with the cheese slice.
I'm sorry, but, if you follow directions to the letter, like I do, you won't get this one to work out. I'm sure the pattern is just meant to be simple, a variation on a block or a baby blanket, one that many folks already know and could work in their sleep. But I, not having done this sort of square worked from one corner, in this texture, can only follow what's written.
First, I tried just going with replacing "sc" with "st" when working the first stitches of Row 3. That helps, but the count is still off. You have 5 stitches to work in from Row 2, but you're only working in 4. Not really working out for me. So, I tried going with a more intuitive approach. Work the (sc,dc) at the ends, and work dc in the sc, sc in the dc, and see how that goes.
After a few trials, including a sort of poufy piece badly in need of blocking,
I finally settled on this variation, which produced a nice flat square,
no blocking needed.

Worsted weight yarn, G hook

Row 1: Ch 2, (dc, sc, dc) in 2nd ch from hook, ch 1, turn
Row 2: (dc,sc) in first st, dc in next sc, (sc, dc) in last stitch, ch 1, turn
Row 3 and following inc rows: (dc, sc) in first st, (dc in next sc, sc in next dc) repeat until one st remains, (sc, dc) in last st, ch 1, turn
Repeat Row 3 until desired half-width
Decrease rows: pull up loop in first st and next st, work as for dc, (sc in next dc, dc in next sc) repeat until two st remain, work dc decrease as before, ch 1, turn
Repeat decreases until you have 3 st left. Pull up loop in each st, yo, pull through 3 loops, yo, pull through 2 loops, ch 1, turn.
Work 3 sc in corner, and continue around entire square, working 3 sc each in remaining corners, join to first sc, and finish off.

In case you're thinking that this could just be a case of different yarns, that my changes to the pattern didn't make that much difference, here's a start in the same yarn,  showing how it fans out at the edges, which leads to the curling as you try to make it square.
I know, I could be totally wrong in my corrections/changes. They may not have been necessary. I might just have terrible skills where this stitch pattern is concerned. But I do have a flat square, and I bet you can follow my directions, even if you don't have a clue what it's supposed to look like in the end.

Yarns: Vanna in Scarlet, Wool-Ease in Buttercup, and an old thrifted hank of Kentucky Yarn in Gold (which I'm sure is no longer available, but was a great color to use for cheese)

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