Wednesday, November 24, 2010

...who had a crooked cat...

My Roly Poly Cat has some serious placement issues. I think I was just tired. I dunno. But I need to resew almost all of his parts.
Even his ears don't line up.
I thought I had the tail centered, until I turned him back right-side-up.

The eyes are nicely placed. Between Rnds 11 & 12, with 7-8 sts between them, in case you're wondering.

Geez, even his little face is crooked. And missing in the whisker department.
I hope the knitted one turns out better.

(BTW, I think, possibly, I would like him better if you didn't decrease on the feets. Maybe, when I take those off to reposition, I might just rip them back a round as well.)

Yarns: Vanna in Mustard and White, with a scrap of who-knows-what for his mouth/nose

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Amigurumi Girl said...

I think he's cute - lopsidedness and all. (^_^)