Friday, December 31, 2010

Finished Objects 2010

Once again, moving my sidebar list into a post, dated to reflect end of year. I wish there was a way to tell blogger to make a list into a post, but alas, if there is, I know it not.

Quite a list this year. I kept busy with the Year of Ami creations, sure, but also, I just seemed to keep busy in the creative department. Good, that. Pretty sure, anyway.

Virus Lavender (k)
Virus Blue (c)
Boring Black Skirt (s)
Old-Fashioned Santa PJ pants for me (s)
PJ top for Twin1 (s)
Candy Cane PJ pants for me (s)
PJ pants for brother (s)
Mango Yip Yip (c) (gifted)
PJ pants for Twin1 (s)
PJ top and pants for Twin2 (s)
Urchin stone (c)
Urchin (k)
8 sets beaded stitch markers (gifted)
Guardian Angel Pin
11 reusable grocery totes with personalized dog tags (s) (gifted)
Tuck Turtle (k)
10 beaded bookmarks (gifted)
Slow Turtle (c)
Ginger Trio Softies (s)
Twisted Felt Bracelet (s)
2 Scarflettes (c)
Mini Gingerbread House
Sushi Fishy (k)
Fish to Sushi (c)
Roly Poly Kitty (k)
Roly Poly Cat (c)
1 wedge cheese (k)
1 slice cheese (c)
Butterscotch Slippers (c) (gifted)
Popcorn (k)
Popcorn 'n' Pretzel (c)
Socktopus (k)
Kitschy Octopus (c)
Weekend Blues Socks (k)
2 pr baby booties (c) (gifted)
2 Acorns (c)
1 Halloween Cookie House
Carved Pumpkins
Inara Costume (s)
10 Skull stitch markers
Little Acorn (k)
Halloween Book Cover
4 beaded stitch markers
Crackled Spider Clock
Button 'Shroom (k)
5 pretty flower arrangements
Teal 'Shroom (c)
Lobster Larger-Than-Life (k)
1 Katamari magnetic ball (c)
Lobster Small (c)
Katamari Prince (k)
X Marks the Spot (c)
Various Stamped Metal jewelry pieces (mostly samples)
Half-circle Batik panel skirt (s)
Liz Claiborne blouse for me! (s)
1 pr Fire-N-Flame Bella gloves (k)
1 sweet pea baby hat (k)
1 knitted strep throat virus of my own design (k) (gifted)
1 little crocheted jug
Knitted "suede" jacket (mine!)
1 Picasso Pence Jug (k)
1 cute blouse (s) (for me!)
1 crochet Indian Corn
1 Itsy Glitsy Spider (k)
Hunny Pot, Lid, and Spoon (c)
Honey Hive & 3 Bees (k)
1 knit Traveling Gnome
1 crochet Traveling Gnome
Captain Underpants! (k)
1 knit flamingo
1 knit Despicable Minion
1 small striped gift box
1 crochet flamingo
assorted stamped & domed metal pieces (gifted)
owlie hat (k) (gifted)
1/2 scotch egg (k)
1 fried egg (c)
1 crochet Despicable Minion
Sunbonnet Sue little cheater quilt (s)
1 Zozo (k)
1 knitted endless coral
1 lavender wand
yellow knit top (for me) (s)
1 crochet (hyperbolic) coral
1 Bzzz Knit Bumble Bee
1 Curious Glow-in-Dark Alien (c)
1 Fuzzy Little Friend Bee (k)
3 shell bracelets
1 red mini-alien (k)
1 Zoe Lily-Belle dolly-of-the-wild-hair (c)
1 Mega Cute Pea Babe (c)
Periwinkle Octopus for niece (c)
1 knit Yip Yip
patriotic pieced & quilted runner (s)
cute bee print pillowcase from Seasons of Home kit (s)
1 crochet Yip Yip
1 Juju Voodoo doll (k)
Very Small Giraffe (s)
1 teensy cabled sweater (k)
1 knitted Quart of Milk
3 (of 6) cushions for patio furniture (s)
Widdle Fat Sheepy (w/lavender) (c)
1 elusive Woodin (k)
2 cushions for outdoor couch (finally!) (s)
1 "walking man" silhouette (c)
1 felt dbl pnt needle holder (s)
1 Cluck Clutch (for me) (c)
2 sweet paper strawberry boxes
1 cute mini-pear (s)
1 appliqued onesie (s)
1 ugly bunny (fairly adorable) (c)
knitted peas
blue & brown print slinky-knit dress for me (s)
1 cute ruffle-bum patriotic onesie for grand-niece (s)
1 crochet honey
1 crochet trilobite
1 knit trilobite
1 cute knit seedling
1 Monkey! (c)
4 pr "pie wedge" eyes
1 crochet Stumpy!
1 crochet radish of cuteness
1 knit radish
1 seriously cute quahog (c)
1 nifty knit nautiloid
1 knit olive
1 crochet olive
1 reconfigured charm necklace for my baby sister
1 sweet Melly & Me giraffe (s) (gifted)
1 Nice Narcissus (c)
1 Minute MopTop (Lemming?) (c)
doll-sized pair of socks (k)
diapees & wipees case for V (s)
2 pr white Jaywalker baby socks (k) (1 gifted)
1 mute Monster Chunks (k)
super cute white vinyl purse (mine) (s)
cute pair of dark denim wide legged capris (for me) (s)
1 crochet lime
1 knit kiwi bird
1 crochet kiwi bird
1 knit lemon
5 knit cupcakes (gifted)
1 pr Newborn Jaywalker socks (k) (gifted)
1 Makurokurosuke Soot for Twin2 (c)
1 tiny Totoro for Twin2 (c)
1 black & white Ninjabun for Twin1 (k)
1 glow-in-the-dark jellyfish for Twin1 (c)
1 knit Bismarck jelly donut
5 blind fish (they need eyes) (k)
1 cute crochet Jellyfish
2 tiny crochet butterflies (a la Lolly)
1 cute fabric necklace
8 fun flowers (a la Lolly)
1 knit classic chocolate cone
1 crochet swirl cone
1 khaki Vogue skirt (for me) (s)
1 knitted hot dog
1 crochet hot dog & twinkie bun
Let It Snow pieced & embroidered pillow (s)
satin-trimmed fleece blanket & pillow cover for Twin2 (s)
1 knitted Gratis Grass
1 pr fleece socks for big sis (s)
1 gorgeous crochet gull
1 knit blue fish
1 Earl Lenmeyer - shape refined (c)
1 Earl Lenmeyer - needs refining (c)
1 homespun knit baby cocoon (gifted)
4 knit Owlie Sleep Sacks (3 gifted)
1 pr fleece armwarmers for Twin1 (s)
1 hot pink crochet eel (friendlier)
knit Pork Pie (my own creation, first draft)
1 crochet eel (creeping me out)
1 Celestine Crochet (crochet dodecahedron)
1 Celestine Sox (knit dodecahedron)
1 very twee Knitted Bunny
1 pr Alice's New Moon Mitts (mine!) (k)
1 knit Inishturk Tam
2 knit cherries
2 crochet cherries
set of 3 crochet sushi (gifted)
2 more pr crochet slippers (gifted)
1 Knitted Bunny
1 smooth Tea Cup Bunny
1 pr Bella Mittens for friends' niece (k)
1 crochet mushroom
2 fuzzy Tea Cup Bunnies (1 gifted) (c)
1 crochet rocket ship for nephew
1 improved knit apple
2 crochet green beans
1 knit tomato (used to be apple)
1 crochet armadillo
1 knit toadstool (gifted)
1 cabled & tassled baby hat (k) (gifted)
1 crochet alligator ami
1 crochet apple wedge
1 crochet grape jelly
1 crochet peanut butter
10 pcs crochet bread
1 crochet Cthulhu for brother
Pair of Bella Gloves for friend (k)
1 mega cute knit owl-in-sweater
1 boring painted treasure box
my dress for sisters' wedding (s)
2 flower girl dresses (s)
1 knitted boob (yeah, that's right, just the one - for my aunt)

k=knit, c=crochet, s=sewn

I'm sure it'd be handy if I linked these to any applicable blog posts. But...did you notice? Lots of items...not really up to that right now. Maybe later. Or not.

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