Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goal Met

Remember this post? Where I went on and on about how I wasn't doing enough selfish clothing creation, so my creative side was suffering? Well, I'd nearly forgotten it myself, but a few days back, or maybe a week or so ago, I remembered that I'd been lamenting my lack of self-stitched clothing in prior years, and started to wonder if I'd made up for it. I re-counted my self-stitched (and knit) items made for myself during 2010, and I found I now had a grand total of 9 (not counting socks, gloves, or my cute white purse). I recalled wanting to at least make it to 12, so I could call it an average of one per month. So, obviously, I had to get busy.

Well, I made it!

I finished up 2 pairs of PJ pants for myself (cut out one year when I was feeling super-ambitious about making Christmas stuff for everyone, including me), using my own ultra-fast PJ making process
and this rather boring, elastic waist, black skirt.
In case you're worried that I've become totally selfish over the last few days, I will also tell you that I created a pair of PJ pants for one of my brothers, and finally sewed the top which matches 2008's PJ pants for Twin1. I just don't have pictures of those items.
So I've basically been churning sewn items out like mad, and still trying to keep up with things yarn-wise. (My hands hurt.) Not bad, considering. But maybe next year, I can keep it up on a more regular basis? That'd be good. On the other hand, if next year goes something like this year, in the realm of self-stitched items? I guess I'd be okay with that, too.

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