Friday, December 17, 2010


Is there anyone in Provo not saddened by this?
Image from here

Every Stake Conference, even after our stake started having overflow seating in our Stake Center, with only sound piped in, I insisted that we go to the Tabernacle. It meant a longer drive. It meant sitting in the balcony because we were usually late. Often it meant sitting on those skinny ledges built out over the old radiators. The benches that weren't really meant to be benches for seating.

But I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.

I loved that building. All those windows. All that detail. Those winding stairs up to the balcony. Walking to the front and past the speakers just to use the bathroom or get a drink. All those layers of paint on everything.
The steepness of the tiered seating in the balcony - so steep, everyone could see your knees above the bench in front of you, so you had to be sure you sat in a ladylike manner should you be in a skirt that only just reached your knees.

I will miss this building. Oh, so very much.

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