Thursday, December 16, 2010

leaky-leaky, I no likey

I've had a leak developing on my crappy kitchen faucet for a week or so, and I arranged to have it seen to, like I should. My old plumbing tends not to be of the simple "replace the washer" variety, so I didn't want to open it up myself. Not this time, anyway.

I'd scheduled it for Saturday.

Apparently, that's not soon enough for the faucet. Last night, it decided to turn into a full-on stream of water. You can hear it all over the (very small) house, serious water running through the pipes and down the drain. Cold water, thank heavens, but still, a lot of water.

I couldn't stand listening to it and thinking of all that wasted water, so I shut it off. There is no shut-off under this sink - like I said, it's old - I had to shut off the whole house. Turned it back on this morning to shower, though I'd considered going to the rec center to save myself the trouble. Turned off again before I left for work. The Twins are not thrilled with this solution.

Good thing I'm hosting my party at my parents instead of my house tonight. A lack of modern plumbing could be a mood killer.

After last night's drama (I was in the middle of making bread, hands all sticky with dough), I've decided it's time to retire what I'm sure was not the greatest faucet even when it was new. (I was in college, I was poor, I got what I could afford at the time.) So I'll be spending my Saturday before Christmas  browsing the faucets at BJ's, hoping to find something both durable and pretty, to be installed by my very much unselfish, loving, capable brothers. If I'm lucky, I won't ever have to fix it again. (Why do all the guys at the DIY stores laugh when I say that? It seems reasonable to me.)

Happy Leaky-days!

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Marcy said...

Sorry about your leak, excited about your party!