Friday, December 3, 2010

on a more personal note - updated x 2

I'm trying to find myself a date for my company party, (a company whose name I shall not mention here, because they've just "reminded" us we're not supposed to be talking about work in our "social" places online - which seems contradictory - shouldn't I be proud of where I work? isn't it part of who I am? but I digress...) the party is on Tuesday night, and I almost always take a sibling, friend, or parent, or go alone.

I asked a couple of friends to maybe put their minds to setting me up with someone, and then tried to think of someone myself.

Who came to mind is the reason for this post.

I thought maybe I could ask the drama teacher. So, I emailed, because I'd lost his number. And, because he's a teacher, I figured I'd just leave it until after the school day to look for a reply. No reply in the afternoon, so I looked harder for his number, and found it. But I got his voicemail. I was going to maybe leave a message, but then I remembered him saying he doesn't check his voicemail, it's best just to call back. Which leaves me wondering if he doesn't check his email much, either.
At any rate, I figured I had to give it 24 hrs on the email, to be fair, and then wait until after school today, before I try calling him.

The hour approaches, and I find I'm too nervous to even think about it.

Help me out here, my friends. I could use a little encouragement.

(Know what? It's much easier to just go along as I am, ignoring the idea of dating and whatever might come later, rather than trying to date.)

UPDATE: Called, got voicemail, and he hasn't called back. So, I guess, whatever. I did turn him down more than once back in the spring, so, I can understand if he isn't interested. But what about being polite, and returning calls? Never mind.

UPDATED UPDATE: He emailed back. He's seeing someone now, so it's a no. Haven't I said so before? He's nothing if not polite. And I'd even add "considerate" to that.

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