Friday, December 3, 2010

Sushi Fishy Two

This knitted version took a little longer, but it's still a quick project.

I wanted, as always, to figure a way out of having to sew stuff on. Not really possible. The way you work the fins and the tail, you gotta make them and sew them on after.
I did, however, knit the fish and sushi portions all in one. Figured it'd be easier that way.
One little tip, if you wish to do the same: make the fins and tail first, then work the fish, adding these parts as you can, instead of waiting until you've closed up the bottom end of the rice to realize you need a way into the thing so you can sew parts on. Just saying.

This version has the nori a little loose when it's sushi-side-out.

Also, I think there should be some connection between the bottom rice and the tail, so the toy never ends up looking like this:

Yarns: Red Heart Designer Sport in Melon, Wool Ease in Pine, White, Buttercup, and Black, Creme de la Creme in Brite Green

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