Wednesday, December 1, 2010

sushi fishy fun

This Fish to Sushi could not have been easier!
There were a few places in the pattern I wasn't sure what she meant, but it looks as though I got there anyway. Something like that should be frustrating, but for some reason it wasn't.
I'm still not entirely sure my fins or tail are done the right way, but they look fine, so I suppose it doesn't actually matter in the end, does it?
For the eyes, I did 6 sc in a magic ring, and then sewed them on using black yarn, stitching from the center out to the inner edges, 8 stitches, like the spokes in a wheel. I did that before sewing the sushi to the fish.

Speaking of attaching the sushi, I didn't sew it on. I joined them with sc, and did the whiskers at the same time. I started with sc in the lower corner of the mouth, did 6 sc, then chained 8 and sl st back along the back of the chain, sc in the same, and continued around to the beginning, where I repeated the ch and sl st for the other whisker.
In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that I worked the dorsal fin directly onto the fish. Instead of chaining, I worked 10sc through the top of the fish body, starting on round 6 near the mouth and working towards the tail end, and then continued as written. The other fins and the tail were worked as written (as far as I could follow them - the directions are a bit obscure in that region) and sewn on after.

When working the rice portions, think of them like a granny square. You want to work 1sc, ch 2, 1sc in each ch 2 space, and 1 sc in each sc around. That should give you a nice square. I worked both the white parts, then worked the nori in the round right on the bottom square. I then attached to the top rice with sc in the same color as the nori.
(geez, can I even say I followed the pattern?)

Oh, one more thing: some of the increase rounds are not what I'd call evenly distributed, and you may come to the end of a round in the middle of a repeat. Just stop at the end of the round, and you should have the right number of stitches. A stitch marker is helpful here.

This is great for using up bits of yarn. Don't worry about the fibers, just use whatever seems the right color. I've got mostly acrylic here, but the green is cotton.

Yarns: Red Heart Designer Sport in Melon, Wool-Ease in Buttercup, White, Pines and Black, Creme de la Creme in Brite Green

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archncrafts said...

I really love this little guy -- I could never come up with this pattern, I simply don't have the spatial abilities for it! (not to mention, I don't crochet)