Monday, December 13, 2010

Turtle Slow

Here he is, done. and not quite so slow as it seemed.

Big problem with this pattern, though. Um, absolutely no direction on placement of anything, on assembly in any way, shape, or form?!? Really? That fact makes this item unsuitable for a beginner, but someone with a little toy-making experience can definitely figure it out.

I should reveal that instead of finishing off the head and starting again for the neck, I simply decreased the head stitches to match the starting count for the neck and continued from there.

I must admit I really like the eyes on this one. Might have to steal that for another toy someday.

I put plastic pellets in the shell, to help balance the head, and he stays up just fine.

Yarns: Vanna Baby in Cherry Cherry, Vanna in Silver Blue and White

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